• Collects and adopts ideas, knowledge and good practices contributing to positive social changes and achievement of sustainable socio-economic development;
  • Organizes and conducts expert and scientific research;
  • Designs and implements scientific and professional trainings, courses and seminars and organizes round tables, panels and other events;
  • Develops innovative educative and training models and contributes to life-long learning;
  • Works on establishing and developing public services, youth organizations and services, social services and services aimed at entrepreneurship development;
  • Contributes to strategic and action planning of local communities, institutions and organizations, and performs monitoring and evaluation of various plans, programmes and projects;
  • Promotes entrepreneurship, professional orientation and career guidance;
  • Publishes printed and multimedia editions and publications, produces movies, web-sites, radio and TV footages;
  • Actively uses and promotes the use of Information Technology and social networks;
  • Digitalizes and (re)contextualizes cultural and historical heritage;
  • Creates and organizes cultural and art programmes;
  • Conducts research and transfers values and practices in the area of environment protection to all socio-economic factors it cooperates with, with a particular emphasis on youth;
  • Encourages the adherence to ecological principles;
  • Affirms corporative social responsibility as an investment into the future;
  • Cooperate with other organizations, institutions and universities in the country and abroad on realization of the organization’s goals;
  • Undertakes other activities in accordance with the Law and Articles of the Association.