Current projects

Projects CDER implemented on its own and in partnership:

MEDIActive Youth – Transnational initiative

CDER successfully continues its activities within the ERASMUS+ international EU programme. CDER applied for the Capacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia with an international project called MEDIAactive Youth – Transnational initiative.

Since Serbia is now a programme country within ERASMUS+ Programme, it was possible for the first time for Serbian organisations to apply as equal with all the other organisations from the EU for cooperation programmes with Latin America and Asia countries. Through tough competition CDER won the project grant and will implement it in the next 14 months.

Our organisation will be pleased to cooperate with ten reputable organisations fom Latin American and European countries as project leader.

The project goals are:

  • Building the capacities of youth organisations and youth workers in the field of media literacy and activism and strengthening their active participation in society, as well as promoting transcontinental cooperation of youth organisations from Northern Europe, Balkans and Latin America.
  • Strengthening of media promotion of youth policy and democratic values in partner countries and in relation between Europe and Latin America.
  • Building an information media hub connecting Europe and Latin America in the field of youth policy.

CDER is the project coordinator and the partners are from reputed NGOs from Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Honduras, Paraguay, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, North Macedonia and Serbia.

The project duration is 14 months from September 2019 to October 2020, and the grant is 65.321 EUR.

Donor:European Union
Tourism, Culture and Cultural Heritage for Rural Communities
Project within the ReLOaD Programme

Local Democracy for Western Balkans Regional Programme (ReLOaD) is financed by the EU and implemented by UNDP in five local self-governments in Serbia: Dimitrovgrad, Kragujevac, Kuršumlija, Paraćin and Šabac. Within the Programme a contract has been signed on September 11th between the donor and Petrus Associaton from Zabrega for Tourism, Culture and Cultural Heritage for Rural Communities local project realisation. The project goal is tourism potentials development and affirmation of creative culture and cultural heritage. As a project partner CDER will be managing the project throughout its duration of 7 months.

Expected outcomes of the project:

  • Trained representatives of formal and informal groups of citizens for tourism development and establishing a program for cultural, recreational and religious tourism.
  • Upgraded NGO volunteer management and fundraising capacities of the NGOs, youth and tourism and cultural manifestation creators
  • Arrangement of the missing infrastructure for tourism
  • Systematically organised and marketing defined existing programmes and development of new tourism offers
  • Promotion realisation and organisation of cultural tourism programmes
Donor:European Union / UNDP
Support to Developing a Reporting Model in Social Protection

Through engagement on a GIZ-supported German-Serbian cooperation project “Social Services for Vulnerable Groups”, CDER welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the development of the reporting system in social protection.

The future integrated model of reporting by local governments and social service providers will be the ownership of the Republic and Province Social Protection Institutes and CDER’s role is to support the Institutes in development of a new reporting model.

Development of sustainable community services in Western Serbia

Project is realized with support of the European Union, through “European Support to Inclusive Society“ project. Project leader is the City of Valjevo and the partners are Caritas Valjevo and Društvo za cerebralnu paralizu Valjevo, as well as the Center for Social and Economic Development, which provides supporting experts. Project duration is two years.

Overall objective: 1) Support the persons with disability to reach their full potential through social inclusion; 2) To build capacities of City of Valjevo in order to achieve pluralism of service providers.

Estimated results: 1) Home assistance service provision for 70 adult persons with disability; 2) City of Valjevo capacity building, including development of preconditions for pluralism service providers; 3) Introduction of independent monitoring and support mechanism.

The total project costs are EUR 140.084,14, out of which EUR 123.974,46 are an EU donation.

Donor:European Union


YOUth on the Mov(i)e – Building a Better Region Through Film

The general objective of the Project is to build the capacity of youth NGOs and young people to promote intercultural dialogue and tolerance and to contribute to the process of reconciliation in the region of the Western Balkans by bringing its youth together and using the power of art/film.


1. The flux of the Project is a 9-day training course with 24 young participants from 6 partner NGOs from 5 countries (Montenegro, Albania, B&H, Macedonia and Serbia). Throughout the training, they will master basic moviemaking techniques such as operating a video camera, elementary scriptwriting, shooting, directing and video editing, and be educated on the possibilities of using film as a means of youth activism in promoting reconciliation and combating prejudices and stereotypes. They will also have extensive set of screenings, lectures, talks and discussions, aimed at providing them with a fuller picture of the Balkan region, its common historical and social traditions, its shared past, friendly and reconciliatory efforts, all of which is currently being overlooked by the predominant discourse of hostility fostered by the main-stream media and politicians, and absent from their textbooks and curricula.

2. After the training, teams from each partner NGO should record in their country a short amateur film dealing with a theme of the Project.

3. Upon finishing Activity 2, each partner will organize in their local community a public event consisting of the introductory presentation of the Project, films screening and a discussion.

Project duration: 7 months, from 1st July 2018 to 31st January 2019
The total project costs is EUR 31,817.00

Donor: RYCO
/Regional Youth Cooperation Office/


Building an Intercultural Society Through Film

International project implemented within the Erasmus Plus Programme – Capacity building in the field of youth. The project has the following goals:

1. Increase the capacity of youth organizations/workers to, using the power of art – namely film, promote and build an inclusive, intercultural society, based on the principles of tolerance and intercultural understanding without racism and xenophobia (R&X), especially related to the Middle East migrants and refugees (M&R);

2. Stimulate active participation of young people in promoting (young) M&R social inclusion;

3. Foster intraregional and transregional cooperation between 11 youth NGOs from 10 European countries.

The main project objectives are:

1. Realising a training course during which 33 youth workers from 11 youth NGOs will be educated to build and promote an inclusive, intercultural society without R&X, fight for social inclusion of M&R through art (film), and to use film in education and youth activism;

2. Creating two multilingual online courses: a) on history, arts and culture of the Middle East and b) on the use of film to fight against R&X and build an intercultural society;

3. Creating an informative-educative website dedicated to social inclusion of M&R and fight against R&X through film;

4. Producing two short films about M&R.

CDER is project coordinator and partners are respectable youth NGOs from Western Balkans and Western, Northern and Southern Europe.

Donor:European Union /E+ Programme/



ZAMAH – Through internship to employment and integral services in the community

The focus of the project comprises an internship in a real and mutlisectoral work environment (3 associations and 3 institutions) for 6 young volunteers-practitioners during 6 months, thereby improving their employability. The volunteers-practitioners, who are unemployed young people with qualification for social care workers, will get their licence for this experience that they acquired and pass an accredited training. Through their practice in civil society organisations and institutions, the practitioners will be enabled to conduct multisectoral preventive programmes in the community. The practitioners will have mentors/supervisors to strengthen their ability to provide professional social services to youth from vulnerable groups, Furthermore, in cooperation with youth activists, they will conduct public youth actions to promote positive values in the community.

The CDER’s partners on this projects are Center for social work Jagodina, association of citizens Centralna razvojna inicijativa (Central initiative for development), Center for social work Paracin, Center for social work Svilajnac and the Red Cross Svilajnac..

Donor:Ministry of youth and sport


Development of comprehensive
Independent Living Support system in Central Serbia

European Union has supported the project of developing service for providing social care of partners from Jagodina, Cicevac and Zabari municipalities, as the part of the programme Support for de-institutionalisation and social inclusion of persons with mental disability and mental illness. The main applicant is CDER – in charge of project management and providing expert support for the development of social care services – and the partners are the City of Jagodina, Municipality of Cicevac and Municipality of Zabari, as well as social care providers of these local self-governments – Jagodina City Centre for Social Work, Red Cross Cicevac and Zabari Centre for Social Work.

Overall objective: Reintegration and institutionalisation prevention of persons with mental disability and mental health disorders in Jagodina, Zabari and Cicevac.

Specific objectives: 1) Provided support to persons with mental disability and mental health disorders by sustainably upgrading and adapting community-based social services (CBSS); 2) Promoting citizen rights on independent living in community.

Total value of the project is 166.589 euros, out of which European Union provides 141.601 euros, and the rest is secured through local financing.

Donor: European Union