CDER is the founder and member of the National Association of Youth Work Practitioners (NAPOR), co-founder of the Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization (KOMS) and a member of Youth Peer Education Network which is based in Belgrade.

CDER is a member of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of Serbia (APPS). Within the Association, CDER works in partnership with craft companies and SMEs to improve employability and business development services.

In addition, CDER operates with an informal, but one of the most operational regional networks of civil society; the network is in the Pomoravlje district.

Through a series of agreements and protocols CDER has an active project or strategic partnership with 14 local governments, 25 public institutions (mainly with the Centers for Social Work, National Employment Services, cultural institutions, several schools …) and with over 30 civic associations.
NGO Panacea, Belgrade
Association for the Development of Žagabica Municipality
Youth creative center, Jagodina
International Aid Network, Belgrade
Common Association of Enterpreneurs, Leskovac
NGO Edukacioni centar, Leskovac
NGO Edukativni centar, Kruševac
NGO Šansa, Požarevac
NGO Centralna razvojna inicijativa, Jagodina
NGO Društvo Roma Braničevski okrug, Požarevac
NGO Udruženje Roma Velika Plana, Velika Plana
NGO Zaječarska inicijativa, Zaječar
NGO Timočki omladinski klub, Zaječar
NGO Omladina JAZAS-a, Kragujevac
NGO Centar za samostalni život invalida, Jagodina
NGO Dečiji Vidici, Paraćin
NGO Centar za edukaciju “Osmeh”, Vlasotince
NGO Volonterski koraci, Topola
NGO Caritas, Valjevo
Society for cerebral palsy, Valjevo
Network of Social Services Provides in Serbia – CONECTA
Serbian Employers Association of SME and Entrepreneurs (SEA-SMEE)
National Association of Youth Work Practitioners (NAPOR)
Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization (KOMS)
Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER)
City of Jagodina
Municipality Paraćin
Municipality Ćuprija
Municipality Svilajnac
Municipality Despotovac
Municipality Rekovac
Municipality Kuršumlija
Municipality Žabari
Municipality Žagubica
Municipality Ćićevac
Municipality Boljevac
City of Valjevo
Youth Office Velika Plana
Youth Office Lapovo
Youth Office Despotovac
Youth Office Ćuprija
Youth Office Svilajnac
Youth Office Rekovac
Youth Office Paraćin
Youth Office Varvarin
Youth Office Aleksandrovac
Youth Office Aleksinac
Youth Office Kuršumlija
Youth Office Knjaževac
Youth Office Trgovište
Center for Social Work Jagodina
Center for Social Work Paraćin
Center for Social Work Ćuprija
Center for Social Work Svilajnac
Center for Social Work Despotovac
Center for Social Work Rekovac
Center for Social Work Žabari
Center for Social Work Bor
Center for Social Work Zaječar
Center for Social Work Boljevac
Center for Social Work Novi Pazar
Center for Social Work Knjaževac
Center for Social Work Požarevac
Center for Social Work Majdanpek
Center for Social Work Negotin
Center for Social Work Aleksinac
Center for Social Work Ražanj
Red Cross Jagodina
Red Cross Svilajnac
Red Cross Rekovac
Red Cross Kuršumlija
Veliko Gradište Publc Library
Jagodina Public Library
Bor Public Library
Museum of the Battle of the Drina, Banja Koviljača
Cultural Centre Sopot