Building institutional and organizational capacities in public and civil sector, creating partnerships for the benefit of the community in the belief that local skills and practices are crucial for sustainable social and economic development;

Promoting social development by developing a network of standardized and available social services and providing economic security to all impoverished citizens;

Building the knowledge society by nurturing innovative educational models and trainings and continuously improving human resources through life-long learning programmes;

Active participation in the field of youth policy and commitment to the improvement of young people’s situation, promotion of youth activism and mobility, youth education and other forms of work with and for young people;

Strengthening cultural and creative sector/industries by providing relevant competences and knowledge, cultivating contemporary art and the use of digital technologies, promoting the mobility of cultural actors and artists, working on audience development etc.

Promotion and presentation of cultural heritage, contribution to preservation, research, availability and sustainability of cultural heritage, digitalization of heritage and education of relevat actors.

Development of a regulated market and society with efficient institutions which, in cooperation with economic and civil actors, create and implement policies of public interest;

Promotion of active citizenship in the field of labour, promotion of professional orientation, career guidance, life-long learning and entrepreneurship;

Strengthening economy and agriculture by establishing a stimulating ambient for strong and sustainable development, in compliance with ecological care and social cohesion objectives;

Advancing human rights, combating discrimination, promoting the culture of peace, tolerance, dialogue, cooperation, intercultural values and non-violent conflict resolution;

Creating a society with equal opportunities for all through social inclusion of marginalized groups – especially those with disabilities (including military veterans and civilians wounded in war), old persons, refugees and internally dispersed persons, Roma, youth and long-term unemployed persons;

Networking, development of partnerships and platforms on national, regional and international level, as well as cooperation with the diaspora and Serbs in the region.