Great multilingual online media literacy courses in free access!

In cooperation with project partners, CDER was developed two multilingual online media literacy courses: 1) Advanced Media Literacy Course; 2) Media Skills for Engaged Youth. Courses are available in free access at this link: https://mediactiveyouth.net/courses. They were created within the MEDIActive Youth project, supported by the Erasmus+ Programme.


  1. Advanced Media Literacy Course

Multilingual (English, Spanish and Serbian) online Moodle course about media literacy and critical thinking. It provides essential knowledge and skills on media literacy and critical thinking, required for understanding contemporary media and media content, as well as for understanding and interpreting messages that we receive and send via mass media. The students will be familiarized with and introduced to the key concepts in the field of media and communication, and empowered and encouraged to take a critical, active citizen and socially responsible role towards the contemporary media landscape. They will learn about the importance and influence of the media, their pervasiveness, the way that the messages are constructed and how they could be deconstructed and critically assessed in terms of quality, reliability, objectivity etc. and grasp the wider context in which the media function and the discourse they use to address the users/recipients…

  1. Media Skills for Engaged Youth

‟Media Skills for Engaged Youth – how to create engaging social media content‟ is an interactive, multilingual (English, Spanish and Serbian) online Moodle course that supplements the one on media literacy and equips the participants with practical skills and knowledge required for them to write, create, post and share media messages in the form of articles, short videos for social media and creating a YouTube channel. This course is primarily intended for those young people and youth workers wishing to create media content to express themselves, advocate their attitudes, fight for their goals and inspire and induce positive social change. The goal of this course is thus to offer engaging and inspiring content with the two-fold purpose: 1) to teach participants how to use the media as a tool for activism and social change; and 2) to have participants become effective media activists (agents of change) themselves.

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